Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

Day One:

Arrive Majuro by plane and move onboard. Relax and hear orientation talk by  the captain, who will explain the details of the cruise. Lunch following. In the afternoon, take a short tour of Majuro, including a visit to Laura Island; a stop at WAM, which is a cultural center and foundation supporting the building of traditional sailing canoes; a sail on one of the canoes in the atoll. Late afternoon, set sail for Aur Atoll or Maleolap atoll, depending on the wind.

Day Two:

Arrive at atoll lunchtime. Lunch onboard. After lunch, go ashore, check in with Chief of Village. Island activities include snorkeling, beach combing, visiting the local ladies and viewing the basket weavings (some available for purchase), fishing.

Day Three:

Relax and enjoy the atoll.

Day Four:

Day-sail to Maloelap Atoll. Check in with the Chief, explore WWII ruins and artifacts. Snorkeling, fishing, and/or relaxing.

Day Five:

Exploring the various islands within the atoll.

Day Six:

Sail to Wotje Atoll, sunrise departure. Arrive Wotje, check in with Chief and explore the main village and visit the local school.

Day Seven:

Explore the numerous islands of Wotje, snorkel on shipwrecks in crystal clear waters.

Day Eight:

Sail to Erekub Atoll, uninhabited. Beach Bar B Que, explore pristeen reefs.

Day Nine:

Return sail to Majuro.

Day Ten:

Disembark from your yacht relaxed and with memories for a life time.