Pacific Northwest / Alaska

Pacific Northwest yachting offers many options for your perfect yacht charter from a cruise around the beautiful San Juan/Canadian Gulf islands to a cruise on up the “inside passage” of Alaska.

Your Pacific Northwest Yachting will reward you with scenery unlike anything you have encountered before. You are likely to see Bald Eagles, foxes, pygmy deer, otters, Dall’s porpoises, seals and of course the magnificent Orcas. Your heart will race as a six foot dorsal fin suddenly breaks the water several feet from your boat, to your amazement you see an entire pod of Orcas, what a thrill.

In the San Juans, you will not want to miss Friday harbor or Roche Harbor and take the time to get to some of the less frequently visited islands such as Sucia and Matia. Nearby, Victoria stands like a crown jewel on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Boasting one of the most beautiful harbors in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a terrific destination and perfect jumping off point as you explore the serene and pristine beauty of the Gulf Islands.

Join people from all over the world to see Buchart Gardens with over 25 acres of flowers representing four distinct landscaping styles, Japanese, English, Italian and the unique Sunken Garden complete with lighted fountains and waterfalls. A small cove located on the eastern shore of Tod Inlet provides great anchorage and access to the gardens. You can even enjoy the nightly fireworks and concert in the park while comfortably seated on your yacht, what a life! Rocky shorelines and miles of beaches invite you to paddle a kayak to view tidal pools teeming with starfish and sea anemones in every conceivable color. Distant silhouetted islands illuminated by the setting sun offers views beyond anything you have ever seen.

The Inside Passage stretching from Desolation Sound, British Columbia to Juneau, Alaska is one of the world?s longest protected marine waterways. Brown bears and black bears patrol the shore. Sea otters feed in the kelp beds. Tidewater glaciers discharge great minarets of ice into the sea. Humpback whales spout and blow. Feathered forests of hemlock, cedar, and spruce enrich intimate islands and the lower slopes of snow-capped mountains. Add to that a colorful human tapestry- the nautical towns of Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Petersburg, Haines, Skagway — and the inside passage becomes complete.

The rugged dramatic coastline of the Pacific Northwest offers much for your ideal yacht charter; nature will surround you as you cruise in comfort aboard your luxury yacht.

Alaska -- this is the place that ignites the imagination.



Alaska — this is the place that ignites the imagination. Watch from the comfortable decks of your vessel and enjoy expansive views of majestic peaks in the distance and glaciers that hold the secrets of history floating in a pristine blue sea; an expanse of clear blue sky by day and countless stars by night. Glimpse the magic of the aurora borealis and the breathtaking breach of a whale — nature’s largest creature. What’s your dream?

Will you cruise the Inside Passage or the Gulf of Alaska? The choice is yours — design your own itinerary and explore both! Tell your captain and crew what you want to see and do. It’s your cruise and your dream to fulfill.

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