New England

New England — from the world renowned rugged coast of Maine to the lively nightlife of Boston or Newport and the charm of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket as well as New York City– are all great ports of call.

Looking to charter a private sailboat for that wonderful day sail on the bay, that romantic sunset sail to nowhere, or maybe longer like a weekend sail to Block Island or a week long sailboat charter to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket ?

On board your private charter yacht you can also explore the less traversed islands such as Block, Long Island, Cuttyhunk, the Elizabeth Islands, Islesboro, Vinalhaven, The Gut, Fox and Deer Island Thoroughfares. Your private charter yacht and crew will be are at your disposal and ready to take you to these hidden treasures of New England, and more.

NEWPORT– not so long ago, was a true sailor’s port.  Whale ships sailed from the harbor time and again in search of the great leviathan, and the navy had been stationed in town for most of two hundred years.  Around the turn of the century, Newport became the unchallenged summer playground for the nations ultra-rich.  An entire social fabric formed around elaborate dances and elaborate dinners during this era. Sailing into Newport Harbor will bring the memories and history flooding back into time.

New England’s shores include some of the best whale-watching spots in the world.   If you have an interest for seeing seals, whales, porpoises and other wildlife, there is no better way than on your private luxury yacht.

Maine’s coastline of over 3,500 nautical miles and 1,000 islands is enough to keep you sailing for years! The stars shine brightly in the dark cobalt skies between the whispering pines that line the rocky shores. Maine’s heritage is intertwined with maritime history and reliving the lifestyle of early seafarers and enjoying the wildlife is as easy as your private yacht.

Whether you fancy unspoiled coastlines and wildlife, quaint towns and charming harbor side restaurants serving the freshest of seafood, or the cosmopolitan feel of Boston with excellent museums and shopping — New England has it all.

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