Things you can do While Practicing Social Distancing

Practice Gratitude:  Trying to think of Things you can do while practicing social distancing?  This is indeed a very stressful, frightening & sad time in our world.  The news reports on COVID-19 can be overwhelming.  Please remember to take a break from the news and take stock of the many blessings in your life.  There is are always things to be thankful for – family & loved ones, the healthcare workers who risk their own health to care for the sick.  Be thankful for the scientists who are working tirelessly on treatments and a preventative vaccine for this dreadful disease. Once you start thinking thankful thoughts you will start to feel thankful.  Then your mind will start to focus on more things that you have to be thankful for. However, if you need a little diversion from the news Nicholson Yachts has compiled some suggestions for you:

Have you tried meditation?  Why not take a self-care break and meditate with Dan Harris and his team of top mindfulness teachers at Ten Percent Happier.  If you are not into meditation there is also loads of practical advice on managing stress: Ten Percent Happier Coronavirus Sanity Guide

The Power of Prayer – here are some suggestions.  See how the world is praying for healing at the World Council of Churches web site.  Here is a beautiful Interfaith Prayer for the World. Pope Francis’ Novena Prayer for Protection in Time of Pandemic and Prayers for the World. The Dalai Lama is posting daily messages of hope & encouragement on Dalai Lama Facebook page.

Exercise is great to help alleviate stress and anxiety.  Taking a walk in the fresh spring sunshine is excellent.  If you hare quarantining at home try some gentle yoga stretching.  We recommend Yoga With Adriene

For a bit of fun & distraction watch highlights from the Newport Folk Festival 2019: and the incomparable Dolly Parton at the Newport Folk Festival 2019:

Things you can do while practicing social distancing with kids:  check out the Exploratorium virtual science museum &also the Mystic Aquarium

Watch how this great  Principal at the Clark Elementary School in St. Louis, MO encourages & comforts his students:

Who doesn’t love birds?  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a live “owl cam” where you can watch nesting Barred Owl:  – also visit their web site:

Longing to be sailing?  Here are some videos you may enjoy:

Sailing Yacht REE in St. Barths

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2017

Or for more extreme sailing how about the Volvo Ocean Race

When the dust settles, Nicholson Yachts will be here to assist with your yacht charter plans.

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