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Tax breaks for charter yachts

Tax breaks, write offs and deductions for charter boats

April 14, 2021

Since April 15th is upon us thoughts turn to taxes. Many boaters eventually ask this question. “Could I get a tax break on a new boat?” Actually, the answer could be yes. But that yes comes with some caveats. With this in mind, you’ll need to refer to section 179 of the Internal Revenue code. […]

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Charter Yacht Ownership as a Tax Deduction

August 2, 2019

Tax Deductions for Charter Yacht Ownership Section 179 of the IRS code is a topic worth knowing about. While Nicholson Yachts is not a tax advisor, we do work with owners who benefit from tax deductions. As the original yacht charter company, Nicholson Yachts was founded in 1949. Due to our decades of experience, we […]

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