Why is Fall the Best Time to Buy A Boat?

While everyone is carving pumpkins and decorating for Halloween, you should be deciding on your next (or first) boat. Here are a few great reasons to buy a boat in the fall…


  1. Spring/summer delivery guaranteed– Don’t waste the beautiful spring and summer days searching for the perfect boat. Instead, find your dream boat now and you will be able to get out on the water during prime boating season!
  2. Rise in brokerage market/inventory in the fallРBrokerage inventory is larger than it has ever been. New boaters gain experience and move to larger boats while experienced boaters tend to want something new.
  3. The luxury of taking your time to find the perfect boat – Fall time is less hectic than spring and summer months because everyone is rushing around to find a boat as they countdown to summer.
  4. Promotions! There are many companies that run specials with BIG savings in the fall!