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  • 141 ft / 43 m
  • 12 GUESTS
  • 8 CREW
  • FROM $93,670
  • Operating in West Mediterranean.

    • Length
      141ft (43m)
    • Beam
      24ft 7in (7.5m)
    • Draft
      9ft 2in (2.8m)
    • Year Built
    • Builder
      Cantieri Navali Nicolini
    • Designer
      Reed Creative Services
    • Sleeping Guests
    • Crew
      Captain Daniel Giometti
    • Refit
    • Cruising Speed
      12kts (22kph)
    • Stabilisers
    • Flag
    • Engines
      2 X MTU 16V396TB93
    • VAT Registered
    • US Duty Paid
    • Il Cigno features 5 very comfortable cabins, but it is also possible to convert the TV Lounge area on the upper deck in a 6th double cabin with toilette and private access to the upper sun deck bringing up to 12 passengers the number of sleeping guests. The huge open spaces, that can easily be protected by tailor-made berceaux, are ideal to organize social events or more intimate parties. The stylish ambience and the elegant interiors contribute to create a welcoming and soothing atmosphere, perfect to relax and enjoy the holiday.

    • Captain: Daniel GiomettiCaptain: Daniel Giometti

      Captain: Daniel Giometti, Italian, 43 y.o.

      Daniel is a very experienced seamen, whose passion for the sea has always been very strong. He started as a Deck Cadet on mercantile and passengers ships, fast becoming 2nd mate. Then he decided to move to the yachting industry where he reached the grade of First Officer and after 4 years he became Captain.

      He has an excellent team-leading skills and is very able to coordinate his crew. He loves travelling and discovering new places and he’s fond of fishing.

      Tough – minded and determined, Daniel accepts any new challenge as a way to self-improve. His extensive knowledge of the Mediterranean coasts allows him to plan perfectly tailored itineraries and to make his guests’ holiday truly unforgettable.

      Italian mother-tongue, he also speaks English and a basic French.

      Chef: Gabriele SpinosaChef: Gabriele Spinosa

      Chef: Gabriele Spinosa, Italian, 33 y.o.

      Gabriele is a very skilled young chef with an extensive experience. He took a diploma as Food Technician and then left for his Military Service in the Navy. Here his passion for the sea grew stronger and he decided to deepen his culinary skills through a series of professional courses to get a job on pleasure yachts.

      He attended the “Typical Italian Cuisine”, “Bread and Patisserie” and “Indonesian and Balinese Cuisine” courses and he worked for several years in important Italian restaurants until he became Head Chef. Then he got all the necessary maritime licenses and embarked on very large yachts.

      He has a very dynamic approach to work, he’s specialized in Italian cuisine but he loves to experiment with fresh seasonal products, according to the guests’ tastes and preferences. He’s also very skilled in cooking sushi and sashimi and his cakes are heavenly!

      He speaks Italian, English and basic French.

      First Officer: Armando TorrigliaFirst Officer: Armando Torriglia

      First Officer: Armando Torriglia, Italian, 57 y.o.

      Armando is a very hard-working, motivated, reliable person. A good team player, he’s friendly, active and with a strong sense of responsibility. He started his career on sailing yachts and then moved on to motor yachts where he acquired an extensive experience and excellent cruising skills.

      He’s a master of hospitality, always trying to anticipate his guests’ needs still being very discreet; in fact his motto is “a good crew is always present but invisible to the guests”.

      Italian mother-tongue, Armando also speaks English and Spanish.

      Engineer: Salvatore PaganoEngineer: Salvatore Pagano

      Engineer: Salvatore Pagano, Italian, 35 y.o.

      Salvatore is a very smart and efficient Chief Engineer. As soon as he finished his studies he embarked on a very popular Cruise Line where he worked for several years. Then, in 2007, he moved to the yachting industry where he gained extensive experience of all the most important yachts engines and generators.

      He really loves his work and he is a very pleasant company. He practices diving and is also a very skilled home chef.

      Salvatore speaks Italian and English.

      Bosun: Cesar Maala CaringalBosun: Cesar Maala Caringal

      Bosun: Cesar Maala Caringal, Filipino, 54 y.o.

      Cesar is a very friendly and efficient Bosun. He really likes his job and he believes in constant self-improvement that’s why he’s always ready to learn everything from every experience.

      He loves working with people from different backgrounds and cultures and he’s always willing to help his guests feel like home.

      His long experience on very large yachts covered many areas: he’s particularly skilled in managing water toys and in supervising winter yacht maintenance.

      He speaks Italian, French, English, Spanish and Filipino.

      Deckhand: Lirio RufinoDeckhand: Lirio Rufino

      Deckhand: Lirio Rufino, Filipino, 45 y.o.

      Lirio started his career in his hometown as a deckhand on cargo ships in 1997. Then he moved to Italy with all his family and began a new job working for important shipyards (Fincantieri, Mariotti) in the field of ship maintenance and refit.

      In 2011 he entered the yachting industry as a deckhand. He’s a very open-minded person, a hard worker and a very pleasant company for a chat.

      Lirio speaks Italian, English, French and Filipino.

      Steward: Elizier SarmientoSteward: Elizier Sarmiento

      Chief Steward: Elizier Sarmiento, Filipino, 40 y.o.

      Ely was born in the Philippines and he perfectly embodies all the values and characteristic of his native culture: calm and discreet, he’s a hard worker and he’s super kind, always offering his help with a huge smile.

      He started working in the yachting industry because he’s always been passionate about customer service and he’s particularly skilled in dealing with people from different nationalities and backgrounds. Attention to details is one of his most appreciated characteristics and he never fails to put his guests at ease.

      Ely speaks Italian, English and Filipino.

      Chief Stewardess: Maria MurgiaChief Stewardess: Maria Murgia

      Chief Stewardess: Maria Murgia, Italian, 40 y.o.

      Maria found in the yachting industry the possibility to follow all of her passions: traveling, the sea and hospitality management. Naturally warm and friendly, Maria loves to be surrounded by people from different nationalities and getting to know their cultures, that’s why she started her career working in different hotels.

      Her precise attitude is reflected in the way she keeps the yacht in perfect conditions, in her attention to details and in her skillful flower arrangements. Plus, if you’ll have a celebration on board, you’ll notice Maria’s incredible ability in party planning.

      Italian mother-tongue, she speaks English too.

    • The yacht was “phenomenal”. It could not have been better. The crew, food, accommodations, everything. The captain and crew were very attentive and the staff was excellent about watching over the children. The chef was so accommodating and I truly appreciated  that our nut allergy was taken so seriously: prior to our arrival the whole crew was informed about it and the entire galley had been deeply cleaned so no nut residue would be there. Everyone did a tremendous, tremendous, tremendous job! I would recommend the boat, and crew to anybody without hesitation. Please feel free to contact me if you need a recommendation at any time.
      Best Regards,


    • Cell phone, Fax, Satellite phone, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi, 13ft / 4.00m 20hp Honda, 19ft / 6.00m 135hp Honda, 9ft / 3.00m 8hp Honda, Banana boat - towable, Floating Mats, Kayaks multiple, Kneeboard, Surf board, Tube - towable, Wakeboard, Water skis - adult, Wave runners multiple (sitdown), Windsurfer - Adult
    • Not Insured, Diving if certified, Snorkelling gear, 1 Compressor

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