Winter Boat Prep Tips

Here are some pointers that you’ll appreciate come spring.

It’s that time of year again! The nights are cooler and the leaves have changed color. Before freezing temperatures arrive, make sure your boat is properly stored for the winter. Boats that are properly stored ashore and winterized are most likely to hit the water without damage come spring. Of course, every boat is different and may require additional or different winterization tasks but here are some general tips to help you properly prepare your boat for the winter:

  1. Flush the cooling system with fresh water and run anti-freeze through it
  2. Top off your fuel tank and run stabilizer through the system. Make sure to let it run completely through.
  3. Remove any greasy residue from the engine.
  4. Give the boat an oil change.
  5. Lubricate everything. Do not give anything a chance to rust or dry out.
  6. Survey the entire boat. Repair or replace anything that looks damaged or worn
  7. Remove anything that could cause moisture. Water expands when frozen, so if you have containers of liquids on aboard, they could crack open and leak.
  8. Make sure your boat is insured properly and stored with a marina you trust.

Destiny, Hylas 70 sailing in Newport, RI.

Destiny, Hylas 70 sailing in Newport, RI.

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