Seychelle Islands

Seychelle Islands

Day 1:

Arrival of the guests in Mahé Island, ASAP sail to Praslin Island (35 miles)

Day 2:

Praslin Island, visit of the endemic forest protected by UNESCO. Diving to Coco Island to experience the beauty of the native sea turtles

Day 3:

Sail to Grande Soeur Island, barbecue on it’s pristine beach, tour of the island and short afternoon sail to Curieuse Island to witness the breeding grounds of the native sea turtles and native animals of the unspoiled mangrove.

Day 4:

Early morning sail to La Digue Island; visit the island and the most beautiful beach of the world; scuba diving or snorkeling in the eastern part of the island in the afternoon.

Day 5:

Leisurely 30 mile sailing to Silhouette Island and search the treasure of the pirates!

Day 6:

Sailing to the wild Amirantes islands (130 miles)

Day 7:

Arrival and visit Poivre Island. Choice of fishing, diving, or water sports activities.

Day 8:

Sailing to D’Arros and St Joseph islands; Kayaking in the lagoon of St Joseph, scuba diving in D’Arros.

Day 9:

St Joseph Island and D’Arros Island

Day 10:

Sailing to Desroches Island and her lagoon – scuba diving, fishing, kayaking …

Day 11:

Sailing to African Bank, anchorage close the wild and isolated island lost in the ocean. Ideal beach to enjoy a barbecue.

Day 12:

Sailing to Birds Island during the night, arrival in the morning. Diving on the beautiful coral reef.

Day 13:

Sailing to Thérèse island arrival in the morning, diving with the Napoleon fish.

Day 14:

Sailing to Victoria for departure of guests.