French Riviera, Corsica, Northern Sardinia, and Italian Riviera

French Riviera, Corsica, Northern Sardinia, and Italian Riviera

Two Week Cruise

DAY 1:

Pick up in Antibes. Sail to Villefranche and anchor for the night. Have dinner on deck at dusk while watching the lights ashore being turned on across the bay.

DAY 2:

Sail east to Italy, stopping for lunch and some swimming at Allassio. Continue on to Portofino to anchor for the night.

DAY 3:

Sail the short distance to the Island of Elba for a day of sightseeing. In the evening set sail for St. Florent.

DAY 4:

After breakfast sail to Calvi on the west coast of Corsica

DAY 5-8:

Continue sailing along the coast to Giarolata, Ajaccio, Propriano and Bonifacio, stopping to explore some of the many beaches and caves along the way.

DAY 9:

Cross the Bonifacio Straights to the Isle Magdalen that are said to be some of the most beautiful islands in the western Mediterranean. The town of Porto Pollo has a hotel, restaurants and beaches.

DAY 10:

Porto Cervo, a tourist mecca with many excellent restaurants, shops, and boutiques. It is the home to several sailing and power boat races during the season.

DAY 10-14:

Return to France via the west coast of Corsica visiting either some of the places that were passed by on the trip south or revisiting some of your favorite spots again.