Western Mediterranean 

Nowhere else can you witness so much history amid so much glamour as in the Western Mediterranean.

Yacht charter in this alluring destination has been an established business for about a century, and the expertise shows in both the volume and the sophistication of the region’s fleet and services.

From May through October, the Mediterranean coastline is ringed with yachts whose guests are either seeking respite from congested cities or visiting the storied cities of antiquity. Still another reason to charter in the Mediterranean is to have a base of operations for events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez and a host of other five-star events where the sport is to see and be seen.  Whether movie starlet or titan of industry, there is no better, or secure, way to be seen than on the deck of a fine yacht.

Choose a sail to, among trendsetting cities, Barcelona, Rome, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Nice, Marseilles, or St. Tropez, and explore the authentic culture of the islands. Palma de Mallorca, in Spain’s Balearic Islands, offers emerald mountains, turquoise seas, lemon orchards, and Bellver Castle. In France, the seaside resort of Porto-Vecchio features a mountainous landscape, gorgeous beaches, and a historic old town. On the island of Elba, Italy, Portoferraio, with its pine forests and pristine beaches, is where Napoleon spent his first exile.

Treat yourself to some of the Mediterranean’s most exquisite coastlines...

Treat yourself to some of the Mediterranean’s most exquisite coastlines and most picturesque ports cruising on your yacht along the beautiful Amalfi Coast and shores of southern Greece. Rome, the Eternal City, is a perfect blend of fashionable shopping and classic exploration. Athens, birthplace of democracy, finds the ancient ruins of the Acropolis rising above the cheerful bustle of the Plaka, each offering a myriad of tastes, smells and delights. You’ll discover spectacular views in every port, from the Greek Theater in Taormina to the dramatic natural beauty of Lipari. And each small harbor is especially suited for yacht exploration, from enticing shops, cafes, and coffee houses to the enchantment of ancient villages still teeming with energy. Cruise in true private yacht style to ports the big ships can’t reach and enjoy the best the region has to offer.

There is something to capture the eye at every turn. Yachts of every style, sun-kissed shores, gorgeous gardens and sparkling casinos abound.  This exceptional sailing offers a unique and authentic taste of the glamorous yachting life, both at sea and on shore. This is where the elite come to play, and you’ll fit right in aboard your luxury private yacht.

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