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Since 1949 Nicholson has represented the world’s finest luxury yachts.

Our services embrace everything from yacht chartering, charter management and crew placement to sales.  Our worldwide team of discerning professionals has years of experience and firsthand knowledge of today’s yachting industry.
Whatever your dreams when it comes to luxury yachting, Nicholson Yachts and the Nicholson Network will make them real.


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The shores of Antigua were a welcome sight when Commander VEB Nicholson landed there after a treacherous sail from his home in Ireland. With him aboard his 72-foot schooner, “Mollihawk,” was his beautiful wife, Emma, sons Desmond and Rodney, and the family cat. Greeted by swaying palms and blooming hibiscus, they fell in love with English Harbour, the lush site of Admiral Nelson’s dockyard.  With its deserted 18th century Georgian architecture and prominence in British naval history, Nelson’s Dockyard became the setting for the birth of the charter yacht experience.
With his lovely yacht anchored in English Harbour, Commander Nicholson soon became overwhelmed with visitors to this island paradise inquiring about chartering the yacht to sail through the islands with his sons along as captain, crew and guide. Interest in chartering Mollihawk grew quickly and soon other yacht owners inquired if the Nicholsons would charter and manage their yachts. And so, long before many of the luxury hotels on the islands were built, yacht chartering was established in the Caribbean.
As Nicholson Yachts’ reputation as the “original yacht charter company” spread, clients worldwide turned to the Nicholson team, entrusting their vessels to the experts with maritime knowledge. Likewise, charter clients began experiencing the luxury and pampering aboard Nicholson’s fleet of yachts and witnessed the meticulous manner with which the staff managed their yachts.
From those humble beginnings along the Antiguan shores, today Nicholson Yachts, led by a team of passionate mariners and marketing experts, offers a broad scope of services, including crew placement, yacht management, charter and sales.
Headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island, Nicholson’s offices skirt the picturesque Newport Shipyard, a hub for sailing enthusiasts.  Nicholson also has a satellite office in Savannah, Georgia, a city with an equally  rich heritage and a desirable stop for yachts traveling up and down the U.S. East Coast.

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