Vessel Donation Program

Purchasing a Yacht!

Have you considered perching a yacht through a   “501C3 Yacht Donation Service Program”. There are many yachts available for sale through these Services and Nicholson’s has the experience and expertise to match you up with the right yacht. Also in purchasing one of these yachts you have the satisfaction of knowing that the proceeds will be going a maritime related non-profit group.

Selling a Yacht!

Many yacht owners’ today have placed their yachts into a “Yacht Donation Program”   In considering many factors they decided that a tax deductible yacht donation was the best choice for them and the added knowledge of knowing that the proceeds of sale will go to one of the many growing number of maritime related non-profit groups.
Over the past few years Nicholson’s has successfully been matching up yacht owners and buyers for a successful outcome.

Non-Profit Groups

These maritime related non-profit groups concentrate on maritime education for youth from all walks of life. Many of our affiliated schools teach boating skills, while others concentrate on marine science, history, boatbuilding, and conservation. Many of these schools offer programs for adults as well. All of them are open to the public.
If you are considering or wishing more information please contact Nicholson’s to see if this could be the right choice for you.