Galapagos Islands

Through the centuries, many words have been used to describe the uniqueness of the Galapagos Islands, from “bewitched” and “enchanted” to “magical”. Birthed by underwater volcanic eruptions more than 6 million years ago, these 15 islands and numerous islets are located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. For millennia, they remained an uninhabited outpost of nature, until stumbled upon by the Spanish in the 16th century. Since that accidental discovery, the archipelago has been trod upon by pirates, whalers, adventurers, scientists, military servicemen, fishermen and, now, about 18,000 residents in four permitted settlements. Today, this United Nations World Heritage Site is becoming a popular year-round destination for yacht charters. A visit to the Galapagos Islands, to learn its fascinating history and see its amazing geology and unique flora and fauna, is an experience of a lifetime. We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the highest quality motor/sail yachts in the Galapagos Islands.

Although remote, getting to the Galapagos Islands is relatively easy using a Galapagos yacht charter. For example, from Miami International Airport it is a four-hour, non-stop flight to Quito, Ecuador’s capital. Quito, once the northern capital of the Inca Empire and then the Spanish colonial capital, is another UN World Heritage Site. Here, you will have time to explore the old city and then overnight in one of the many fine hotels. The next morning it?s a three-hour flight on TAME Airlines to the Galapagos Islands. Soon after arriving you board your beautiful yacht and that afternoon you make the first of many land visits with your certified naturalist guide. Your naturalist guide will also provide daily enrichment lectures onboard the yacht.

A Galapagos yacht charter is an 8-day, 7-night adventure.

A Galapagos yacht charter is an 8-day, 7-night adventure. More than 97 percent of the land and all of the surrounding waters are dedicated as the Galapagos National Park and Marine Reserve. Your charter itinerary typically includes visiting at least eight of the uninhabited islands of this fascinating archipelago. Although motorized water sports and fishing are not permitted in this national park; there will be many opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and, if requested, kayaking. Each island presents a different landscape to explore and experience. With no inherent fear of humans, you will thrill to your close encounters with giant tortoises, turtles, marine and land iguanas, sea lions, seals, red and blue-footed boobies, frigates, Darwin finches, flightless cormorants, and Galapagos penguins, whose ancient ancestors rode the cold Humboldt Current north from Antarctica. The British naturalist Charles Darwin said it best: “The natural history of this archipelago is remarkable; it seems to be a little world unto itself.”

The itinerary will include the town of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. With a population of about 8,000, a highlight will be a visit to the world famous Charles Darwin Research Station to observe the giant tortoise and marine iguana breeding activities and to see “Lonesome George,” the last surviving member of the Pinta Island tortoise species.

Two of the finest motor/sail yachts available for Galapagos yacht charter are the 16-passenger m/s ALTA and 16-passenger m/v PARRANDA. Exceptional comfort, style, cuisine and service are yours as you travel this unique destination exploring all its wonders, both on land and in the sea.

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