Corporate & Expedition Charters

More and more savvy business executives and corporate meeting planners are discovering the advantages of holding board meetings and other important small conferences aboard charter yachts.

When meetings are held far from distractions and interruptions, you can count on their being especially focused and fruitful. In fact, our clients often find they accomplish so much in an intensive meeting each morning that there’s time later in the day for simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings. This also provides an ideal opportunity for the executive team to get to know each other better in a comfortable atmosphere.

What’s more, because individuals are rested and unstressed, a yacht provides an unmatched setting for far-reaching strategic planning and problem solving. And since yachts today carry all of the latest communications technology, it’s an easy matter to be in touch with headquarters when required.

Nicholson’s represents a wide selection of motor yachts that are especially well suited to corporate charter. If the group is sizable, we can also book your party on two or more yachts which will cruise in tandem.

A vacation on a charter yacht is also an exciting idea for an incentive, a wonderful way to reward your company’s top performers, and a creative and memorable gift for a retiring executive.